Thursday, February 23, 2017

Casillas revealed what Buffon said to him

The Porto goalkeeper Iker Casillas revealed what his colleague from Juventus Gianluigi Buffon told him after the defeat with 0:2 in the first eighth-final round of the Champions League.
`Buffon told me that the red card of Telles has made the game from soccer picks easier for Juventus.`, Casillas announced and then he added: `We tried to do well, but those two minutes, in which the two goals feel really changed the match.`
`It will certainly be difficult, but we will give the most out of themselves in the second leg.`, said the goalkeeper, who again was asked for his former team Real Madrid.
`My time there is over!`, said Casillas.
The other game from soccer picks between Juventus and FC Porto is going to be on March 14.

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