Saturday, December 9, 2017

Barcelona agreed to release Mascherano

Barcelona decided to satisfy Javier Mascherano`s desire to leave the club, says Sport newspaper. The Argentine has several times said he wants to change his club membership and it seems the bosses will not hurt him.

From Barca they are ready to put Mascano in winter for an amount of 8-9 million euros. The other condition for a transfer is the Catalans to find a suitable substitute for the Argentine. Interest in Mascherano is on the part of the Chinese Habee Fortune. At the moment this seems the most likely new club adviced by questions about win predictions of the 33-year-old midfielder.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Benevento`s hero: 'I just closed my eyes and jumped!'

The goalkeeper of Benevento Alberto Brignoli, who has become a hero for his team in today`s Milan, said he just closed his eyes and jumped to a 95-minute free-kick, then scored his goal for 2:2. In this way, Brignoli brought Benevento's first point to Serie A in the history of the club. It`s hard to describe the feeling. I just went to Milan`s penal field in the hope that the best will happen. I am happy for the fans, the players and the president. It would be selfish to talk about yourself, it`s a great thing for everyone, `said happy Brignoli to Sky Sport Italia.

I closed my eyes and jumped. It was more like a goalie than a striker. It would be terrible to lose this match by pay for soccer prediction after so many defeats in the last second that we did not deserve, for example, against Sassuolo. Today luck turned to our advantage. We showed that we can play against everyone, we just needed some details to be in our favor, `said Brignoli.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Cantona has no explanation for Neymar`s choice

Eric Cantona does not share Neymar`s enthusiasm for his transfer from Barcelona to Paris Saint-Germain. According to the glorious Frenchman, the local championship by pay for soccer prediction does not meet the striker`s ambitions and class. We have to ask why when you are 25 years old and you play for Brazil and Barcelona, do you decide to come to France to kick out teams like Amiens and Guingamp? , said Cantona to Yahoo Sports.

The former Manchester United player was reminded of Neymar`s words that he had chosen Parisians to win the Champions League with them. Now he will have only 10 important games a year. Do not understand it. Does anyone ever understand it? My vision of football is not such, added Cantona.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Australian Open and US Open ended their career

The two-time winner of the Davis Cup with Czech national team Radek Sputanek announced his withdrawal from professional tennis because of a back injury. The 38-year-old has five ATP tournament mentioned by record of football forecast single titles and his top achievement for the Grand Slam is Wimbledon`s quarterfinals in 2006. However, Stepanek has two titles at the helm. At Australien Open and US Open respectively in 2012 and 2013, he won in partnership with the Indian Leander Paesh and his compatriot Tomas Berdih. `I had to be realistic, I struggled to the last breath, but it`s time to move on, ` said Steppenek, quoted by www. idnes. cz.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Southgate seeks options to improve the skills of its players when shooting penalties

England`s national football team manager, Garrett Southgate, evaluates the importance of penalty shootout in a match, as well as trying to do something about improving his team`s rate of conversion. The English are renowned as unbeatable white-field performers, and the former defender wants to react before the World Cup. He is considering negotiating one of the controls next year to run penalties after her end.

`This is something we think because we want to get ready for this element of the tournament in the best way. If it will be a game from record of soccer picks on the training ground, will it be an added element of the training itself, but we are looking for options on this issue`We are still thinking about all of the options, we have not yet clarified it, but in any case the situation with a real match is a good option, ` said the young specialist.

England has lost six of the seven matches that have fought penalties since World Cup and European Championships since 1990. Even Southgate`s omission in 1996 eliminated the English at the home European Championship.

After the control with Brazil tomorrow, the `Three Lions` have settled checks with Italy and the Netherlands in March. The FA wants to find at least two more friendly matches until the start of the World Cup 2018.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Wenger elects Alexis Sanchez`s deputy from Premier League

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger plans to buy Crystal Palace striker Wilfried Zaha as substitute for Alexis Sanchez, informs the tabloid `Sun`. Wenger is ready to make a ? 35m bid for former Manchester United player who brought the only 4 points to Crystal Palace alone in the season, scoring a defeat against Chelsea and losing to West Ham in the last minute.

25-year-old Zacha signed a new five-year contract with Pallas in the summer, but Wenger is the best option for Sanchez`s replacement. The Chilean is considered a safe leaving as his contract with Arsenal expires at the end of the season, and at the moment seems unlikely to be renewed.

Friday, November 10, 2017

The nightmare for Bale is over

Gallret Bale, the stonemason, continues to suffer from injuries. Officially from Real Madrid released a message for a new injury to the Welsh Hurricane. On yesterday`s practice, los Blancos`s wing felt a pain in his left adductor and underwent medical research today.

The tests showed that Bale had a fiber rupture in the left adductor. AS newspaper interviewed doctors and found that the recovery period would be between three and four weeks. Gareth played last September 26 against Borussia (Dortmund). He did not go to camp with the Wales national team to prepare for the derby with Atletico Madrid. It was expected that the former Tottenham footballer would be available to Zinedine Zidane for the duel with the city`s rival. The goal in front of Bale is to return to the World Club Championship, as well as the megapolis with Barcelona on 23 December.