Friday, May 19, 2017

Alexis is not satisfied with the performance of his team

The Arsenal star Alexis Sanchez said that the team has quality players to win the Premier League. In this way, the Chilean player suggested that it is possible to stay in London and in the next Championship. Sanchez has scored 23 goals and 10 assists during the season so far.
`Sometimes when I look at teams and players at Arsenal when it comes to winning the Premier League thinking what are the reasons not to succeed. Often we lose or we draw at home when we are better than the other team and that is a major problem.`, said Sanchez.
`Sometimes the feeling of frustration more than anything else is connected with the fact that we could win the title in the Premiership. I have always said that we have great players here, always thinking about the victory when we go out on the field.`
`That is what we did in the last three games, we had the mentality to win at any cost, we won and we won well. I don`t know if the season can be called successful or not, but I think it would be positive to beat Chelsea in the final predicted by soccer predictions of the FA Cup.`, said Alexis, who is probably going to be a new addition to Bayern Munich.

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