Thursday, April 27, 2017

Tuchel: `We had luck in the game against Bayern!`

The Borussia Dortmund coach Thomas Tuchel confessed that his boys had great luck in the last night`s win against Bayern Munich with 3:2.
`The yellow-black became the first team in history, who will play in the final mentioned by handball picks for the Cup of Germany in four consecutive seasons. It is striking that two years ago they again beat Bayern at their stadium Allianz Arena.
`At the first 20 minutes we started very well and we led deservedly in the result. We had two more positions through Aubameyang and Guerreiro, we were doing generally very well on the field.`, began Tuchel.
`Then, however, Bayern started playing better and we managed to hold the ball and we were not stable in one on one battles. The Bavarians failed to score a third goal before the break and we should be happy that we got the only two goals in the first part.`
`Bayern had its moment for the third goal and in the second half. If they had scored a goal, then it would become very difficult and almost impossible for us to get back in the match. And now we were going to be defeated completely deserved. We had great luck in some situations. But luck is a part of football.`
`Those situations affect such big matches and our self-confidence back, we were playing around better. We were better in the one on one battles and retention of the ball. We did not dominate, but we were a lot better on the pitch. We got two great goals and we defended bravely.`
&It is an amazing feeling to win, because we had the hardest task - to qualify for the final, passing through Munich. Our victory is priceless in terms of our development team and building the character of the team.` added Thomas.

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