Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Immobile: 'Lazio is my first choice.`

The striker Ciro Immobile announced that the only thing that separates him from officially transfer to Lazio was the lack of his signature under a contract with the club.
The 26-year-old footballer has already passed medical examinations in Rome and Lazio and Sevilla agreed transfer of the Italian national.
'Lazio is my first choice. I congratulate the fans and go to Lazio. Everything went well, you now have to sign a contract.`, said Ciro Immobile.
'I chose Lazio for history and for the city. The team is very strong.`, added the striker.
Lazio will attract Immobile as a rental fom Seville for two million euros. Then the Italian club by soccer picks is obliged to buy the rights to the player for the sum of 8 million euros.
Immobile`s contRact with Lazio will be for five seasons. The annual salary of the attacker is in the amount of 2 million euros.

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