Monday, June 20, 2016

Guardiola surprised with the choice of a home in Manchester

Pep Guardiola doesn`t live according to stereotypes and shows it with his arrival at Man City. The Spanish coach has surprised everyone with his new residence.
He refused to find a home in the suburbs and in particular in Cheshire, home to all the players and coaches from the City and United, and chose to take his place in the Centre of Manchester, according to the `Daily Mail`.
Pep wanted to immerse into the culture of the city, and proof of this is that even before arriving in England, he studied the history of his new club adviced by fixed tips and the town in which she lives.
Most likely, he will move into a 23-story futuristic building in downtown Manchester, where is located the local Hilton Hote, which is located near the future school to his children.

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