Friday, May 27, 2016

Bale: `A loss in the final would be a total failure.`

`A loss in the final of the Champions League against Atletico Madrid will be a disaster for Real.`, said Gareth Bale categorically in an interview. The two teams will play for the trophy for the second time in the last three years, as in the first game the Royal Club proved to be the winner.
`To get to the finish is quite an achievement, but a loss is a complete failure. We will think only about winning when we go out on the field. The match via soccer predictions will be different (from that in 2014(, because we have more experience. I hope to again be victorious.`, he said.
`We have come to this match via soccer predictions with a strong teamwork and good football. I enjoy the time I spend with Zidane because it gives me more freedom. If the decision about the future was mine, then I`d leave it for the next season. But it`s not up to me.`, Bale added.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Conte: `Today is the end of one big nightmare.`

The coach of the Italian national team, Antonio Conte commented with great satisfaction the acquittal, which received the case for his participation in a sports fraud. The coach who takes over Chelsea after the Euro 2016, was today acquitted in not reporting a fixed game mentioned by paid soccer picks while during Series B he was leading Siena.
When the case came to light four years ago, Conte firmly denied all the charges. `Today is the end of a nightmare. My name is connected with the agreed matches, he made me suffer.`, said the expert. `I thank my family, who never doubted me.`
`Four years ago it all began with a search of my house at five in the morning. Then this nightmare began that I had a feeling it was going to continue forever. People who know me, know very well how deeply hurt me the idea that I could be associated with something like this.`
`Today this ugly history finally ended. I always say to those condemning me in advance: I am a sportsman and I don`t know any other way to achieve success except through sacrifice and self-denial.`, added Conte.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Pellegrini: `I`m disappointed.`

The Manchester City manager Manuel Pellegrini once again could not skip the semi-final hurdle in the Champions League with its own team. Now the Citizens fell with 0:1 in the second leg of Real Madrid and lost hopes of a historic finish.
The expert for whom it is one of the last matches at the helm of the English was extremely disappointed by this and did not save it in his comment after the match from best odds at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium.
`I am very disappointed because I am of the opinion that it was a match from best odds in which both teams were very close to each other and real we outplayed. Both teams do not have created many positions and there was a distinct difference between us.`
`Really it is not particularly nice when you have to replace a key defender at the beginning of the match, as it happened with Vincent Kompany, but I don`t think we had problems in defense. They were in attack, where we failed to create anything. It was the same with Real.`
`They also have not created many positions in front of our door and sank one of the many little ones. That`s why I am filled with disappointment after this battle.``, said Pellegrini immediately after the end of the duel at the Bernabeu.