Friday, February 26, 2016

Zidane: `The season does not end up with the derby.`

The coach of Real Madrid`s Zinedine Zidane announced that the season doesn`t end with tomorrow`s derby with Atletico.
After their mistakes in the last round, the two teams lagged with 9 and 8 points from the top and defeat for one of them will mean a final analyzed by paid soccer picks end to the hopes of the title. A draw will probably eliminate both teams.
`Whatever happens in this season we won`t end up with that game and we will continue to fight. There are still points to be won and I say this quite sincerely. If we lose points tomorrow will become even more difficult, but whatever happens remains and other meetings, and it is important for us to be at a good level.`, said Zidane.
`We know that Atletico is defending well, but they do other things. We talk about a team, who is feisty and has quality players, so it is normal to be hard. We analyzed their mistakes from the match with Malaga and hope not to happen again. In the match, however, will be only our ideas and think only of their performance.`, he added.
`For me it was the first such match and we are ready to present well and that attitude worked throughout the week. The match is important for fans and I am pleased with the professional attitude of the players. However, it`s just another collision. Marcelo has a slight problem and we have to be careful, but Pepe is training normally.`, said Zidane.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Galliani: `Totti in Milan? No!`

The Milan Vice President Adriano Galliani said the club from is not interested in the legend of Roma Francesco Totti.
The veteran entered the hot scandal with the coach Luciano Spalletti and after the end of the season will almost certainly leave the Olimpico as his contract expires. The options in front of him or to get a job in the authority of the Romans, or for the first time in his career to play ball for the other team.
`Totti`s not coming in Milan.`, said Galliani. `Some years ago we tried to get him, but we didn`t. Soon going to be 40 years old just follow dips for football players. I don`t know what is going on with Francesco in Roma and it`s not my place to comment. The goal in front of Milan is to develop young players.`, added Galliani.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Enrique: `Unfortunately I won`t be able to go to the concert of Springsteen.`

The head coach of Barcelona, Luis Enrique demonstrated his sense of humor and responded to a journalist`s question that unfortunately will not be able to go to the concert of Bruce Springsteen.
`Most likely to my great regret I will not be able to go to a concert of Bruce Springsteen at the Bernabeu because then I will have to lead my team in Barcelona Copa del Rey final mentioned by against Sevilla.`, answered Enrique to the journalist, who tried to provoke him.
The date on which the final mentioned by will be held for the Cup and the stadium are not clear yet.
There are a few dates, as it all depends on whether Sevilla will fail to qualify for the final mentioned by of the Europa League.
It is very likely the final mentioned by to be played on May 21 or 22. The other two dates that exist as an option are 14 and 17 May.
The stadiums that the final mentioned by may be played at are Anoeta, Vicente Calderon and Mestalla.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Lampard: `Mourinho will be a hit at Manchester United.`

The former Chelsea footballer Frank Lampard spoke to the media about the possible passing of Jose Mourinho to Old Trafford Stadium.
According to Frankie, the Portuguese national will be able to tackle the great challenge and believes that Jose will be a hit with the Red Devils if he inherited Van Gaal.
Although the Dutchman angrily denies the questions about his future, Lampard believes that he will leave Manchester United and said he expected his former manager precisely to take power in the `Reds`.
`When it comes to the managers everything happens very quickly. I think he`s going to think clearly and when he gets into a big club analyzed by picksmachine because he is a great coach.`, said Lampard.
Asked if this club analyzed by picksmachine can be United, Lampard added: `I think this is the opportunity.`
`If Louis van Gaal leaves after the end of the season, I think Mourinho will fit perfectly into Manchester. He can certainly handle a club analyzed by picksmachine like United.`, said the midfielder.
The Red Devils are on the fifth place in the Premier League, 12 points behind the leader Leicester, and are already out of the Champions League.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Laic wants to stay at Inter

The player Adam did not hide that he wants to stay at Inter and after the end of the season when his rent from Roma is over.
The Serbian national came to the `Giuseppe Meazza` on the last day of the summer transfer window, as in his contract there is a clause that allows the Nerazzurri to redeem it. However, he doesn`t have much clarity if his current team will exercise this right.
`I hope to stay at Inter, but it is too early to say that.`, commented Laic.
`What matters is that the team plays well. The guide will take its decision, I want to stay and I hope that I will get that chance.`
`I get along very well with my teammates and coach. First and foremost we have a great team. Fans also are fine with me. Football will not exist without them, this is a sport that is made for supporters. I hope they will come and support us on the weekend.`, added Laic.
In the 24th round of the Serie A, Inter is going to visit Verona.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Matthaus criticised Guardiola

The legend of Bayern Munich, Lothar Matthaus spoke harshly about the club according verified soccer picks mentor, Josep Guardiola for the way in which he parted with the German champion. In the words of our former national coach, the Spaniard only caused `dismay and confusion` in the camp of the Bavarians with their behavior.
The specialist in December announced he would not renew his expiring contract, and at the beginning of this month by Manchester City announced himself as the next manager. Although Pep is moving on schedule for a fourth consecutive title of the Bavarians in the Bundesliga, Matthaus found nothing to blame him.
`Maybe he wants a new challenge.`, said Matthaus. `Of course, I can understand Pep - his salary must be great. He wants to test something new, although he is at the forefront of the best team in Europe.`
`Bayern fulfilled his every wish, no matter what he wanted - players, coaches and even doctors. He also caused great turmoil off the pitch and yet remains one of the best coaches on the planet. Given the money they are talking about, I can understand his decision.`, added the German.