Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Zico: `FIFA is a black box open for corruption.`

The former legendary striker of the Brazilian national team, Zico, told what reforms would do in International Football Federation /FIFA/ if elected President of FIFA.
`The whole world should participate in the selection of the countries where the World Championships will be held, not just the 23-25 people.`, said Zico. `The parties must know what they think their nation will engage people. It doesn`t have to be that way: the Government loves football and just reported that the Championship will be held in the country. And then after the tournament mentioned by soccer picks remain anyone unnecessary objects. What needs to be done to protect FIFA of corruption? You have to start with the election of Presidents. Why me, I`m 45 years in football, you have to get the support of the five football federations. And if tomorrow I help one of these federations, it will say that I get back`.
To the question of a journalist `and why not conduct a lot among the contenders to host the World Championships?`, Zico replied:
`This is another idea. I have no doubt that none of the football people don`t think on the theme. FIFA is a black box, which is only open for corruption.`

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