Monday, October 12, 2015

New trouble for Barca

Barcelona faced a new trouble. The penalty, which was imposed on the team by FIFA and that the team was forbidden to perform transfers in two consecutive transfer window expires in January, but contrary to expectations the Catalans will hardly are very active on the market in Spain.
It is claimed that the club`s Camp Nou has a limit on salaries, which equates to 421 million euros, and currently there are 419 million euros in total paid.
In Spain, they calculated that in order to attract new players and to provide them with the necessary wages, Barca will need to either have a redrawing of the wage fund, or will have to sell some of their players available, or the team is not going to attract the players.
Insiders reveal that the first option is unlikely, as most likely Barca will part with some of their current players and on their place there will be attracted new ones.

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