Friday, August 21, 2015

Everton still does not want to sell Stones

The manager of Everton, Roberto Martinez is still pulling for the team`s young star John Stones in Chelsea. Londoners have already made two offers that were rejected, but now are preparing the third one.
In England, they have speculated that it would be worth 40 million pounds, and to strengthen its effect, the guard would pass a written request for transfer. The manager of Everton, however, categorically denied these rumors.
`There`s no request from John for transfer, this does not correspond to the truth. I know that its future is one of the hot topics of the transfer window and will be such through closure. But he and we think only about our upcoming games.`
`On Monday I turned down the offer for the Stones and today`s situation is the same as it was then, he is a player of Everton. Now we think about the game analyzed by soccer-tips against Manchester City, and not for another. In my opinion, this is the sharpest team in the premiership and we should focus on that.`, said Martinez.

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