Thursday, August 6, 2015

Bruno Ribeiro: `We become better and better.`

The coach of Ludogorets Bruno Ribeiro announced that Montana is a strong team, but at the same time, he has the opinion that his team enters intoa good shape.
He said on the eve of the match against the new guy in the group.
'Montana has pretty experienced players, who hold class. They have played in leading Bulgarian clubs via soccer predictions . The strength of their opponents is that there is collective. In any event, we expect a very difficult match, but we are prepared. During the week we`ve worked very hard and our only goal in Friday`s victory over Montana.`, said the Portuguese.
Bruno Ribeiro revealed that the latest additions to the team - the Brazilians Cafu and Natanael, have already finished the game, but admitted he hasn`t decided yet whether to rely on them against Montana.
'Next week we will have two games. In any event, Cafu and Natanael will be in the main group.`, said Ribeiro.
'We`re getting better and better and it shows during training and matches. Even though we have not reached the top form. I hope this will happen very soon.`. Ludogorets went to Montana on Thursday morning. In the afternoon, Bruno Ribeiro will hold a training session in the city.
'The last match between the two teams at the stadium Ogosta was played in the season of 2013/2014 and ended with the victory of Eagles with 3:0. The derby in May was memorable, as after the end of the team became the champion for the second time in Bulgaria after the dramatic ending of the Championship.`

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