Friday, July 24, 2015

Hitzfeld: 'Bayern is losing its German identity.`

The former head coach of Bayern Munich Ottmar Hitzfeld warned 'the Bavarian`` colossus that began to lose its German identity.
According to Hitzfeld, attracting a serious number of Spanish speakers in the team is dangerous for Bayern.
Chubby Alonso, Thiago Alcantara Juan Bernat, Javi Martinez and Arturo Vidal arrived at Allianz Arena. The departure of Bastian Schweinsteiger and likely the one of Mario Gotze are an additional cause for worry, according to the specialist.
'Bayern should be careful, and make sure that the team speaks German, not Spanish.`, said Hitzfeld. 'This is the new fashion in Beyen. Before there was objective 1 to attract the best German soccer players. Gotze is an example of this, and he should do anything to convince Guardiola, he deserves his place in the squad.`

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