Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Free Football Picks - 14.07.2015

Ventspils vs. HJK
The champion of Finland is the big favorite in this particular. The team is composed of the better players an the team comes from a stronger Championship. So, it would be a really great failure for them, if they fail to overcome the obstacle of Latvia. Our expectation is the Finns to win, thus that is increasing their chances of ranking ahead. Our soccer forecast is 2.

Midtiland vs. Lincoln Red Imps
Here there is nothing more to talk about the difference in class between the two teams. The Danish team is from Gibraltar and that maybe tells you enough about how much weaker it is than the team of Midtiland. The most logical thing is for the hosts to win by at least three goals. Everything else would be a huge surprise, so our football forecast is 1 handicap -2 goals.

Maribor vs. Astana
We expect the home advantage of Maribor to help them cope with an opponent from Kazakhstan. And this is very important for them, as undoubtedly the visit to Kazakhstan will be very severe. Otherwise, Maribor is the favorite in this pair and their chances of moving on are assessed as higher. Maribor lost long ago but not at home, we look forward once again to perform well in front of their own audience. Our football prediction is 1.

Trencin vs. Steaua
Steaua was almost last year with both feet in the Champions League, but Ludogorets and, in particular, Cosmin Motsi stopped them from this great goal. Now they will try to do so from the second attempt, and the first test is the match mentioned by soccercapper.org against the Slovak Trencin. The Romanian team is a lot better quality than its opponent, and the odds for that are worth a try. Our soccer prediction is 2.

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