Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The team with the biggest number of hits dropped out of the Algerian Championship

If you have been wondering which is the most disputed Championships in the world, you can now stop, since the answer is indisputable - the Algerian.
There is hardly another Championship in the world, in which the team made the most goals in the season, relegated from the elite ...
The team is named El Eulma and finished on the 14th position in the Championship, which has 16 teams. So the team took the last place among the relegation, though made more goals than any other team in the League.
El-Eulma still had the second worst defense, but we don`t think the team had expected that their 11 wins from 30 matches will not be enough to remain in the top flight.
The victory of 3:0 in the last round made the goal account of El-Eulma full of 40 hits, three more than champions Setif and the team`s goal difference was + 4. And yet, with 38 points, the team fell out in the second division.
The reason is the fact that the Algerian Championship actually looks like the most contested in the world. So you can see only as a glimpse of the final ranking, in which the difference between El Eulma and seventh Alger is only 3 points with the third Ploughing Champion 6 and Setif 10. So for the last two rounds of practice, there was not almost a team that is confident of their survival.
In fact the difference between the first and the last was only 15 points. For comparison, in the Premiership the difference between first and last is 57 points, in La Liga 57, in Serie A 68, and in Bundesliga 48.
In each of these championships, the teams with the most accomplished goals finished on the first or second place. That, however, was not the case of El Eulma...

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