Monday, April 27, 2015

Barca wants the referee of the match with Espanyol to apologize

The team of Barcelona is offended because of the way the referee of the match with Espanyol /2:0/ Mateu Laos acted. claims that the arbitrator apologized on the \`Los perikitos\` for not being ruled the ambush, in which was located Luis Suarez at the moment when the lodge to Lionel Messi and he scored for 2:0.
This act of human justice was the drop that overflowed the cup of patience of the people in the ranks of Barca, which cannot accept yet that Jordi Alba was sent off with a second yellow card. According to them, the judge\`s decision was groundless.
So Barca insisted to do fair and Laos respectful to them and apologized for the fact that he left back.

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