Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Williams fastest in the last test before the start of F1

Williams`s team finished in the best way the preseason for season 2015. Valtteri Bottas managed to leave behind and Sebastian Vettel, who desperately needs to prove himself in Ferrari.

The four-time world champion fell behind Botas with 0.4 seconds, but made 129 laps, with which hopes to help the Scuderia to bring back the world title in Formula 1 back in Maranello. Since the beginning of the preseason, the team of Sauber continued with the wonderful presentation of Felipe Nasr. Brazilian ranked their car in a third place.

Max Verstappen was fourth, having made only 87 laps with the new car of Toro Rosso. The new leader of the Red Bull Daniel Ricciardo left fifth in time. The Australian continues to experience difficulty with mercurial car of the bulls.

Surprisingly Nico Rosberg finished seventh. However, no one doubts for the speed of the new Mercedes, which is an evolution of the totally dominant car, brought the title of Germans last year. No surprises in today`s test day for the team of McLaren. Even for the rivals is not fun the fact that Jenson Button and his team-mate Fernando Alonso, spent most of the valuable test day in boxing in the past few days. So Briton made only 30 laps and as was expected, his best result according proofed soccer picks gave him the eighth position.

1. V. Bottas - Williams 01:23.063 89
2. S. Vettel - Ferrari 01:23.469 129
3. F. Nasr - Sauber 01:24.023 159
4. M. Verstappen - Scuderia Toro Rosso 01:24.527 87
5. D. Ricciardo - Red Bull 01:24.638 72
6. S. Perez - Force India F1 01:25.113 130
7. N. Rosberg - Mercedes Grand Prix 01:25.186 148
8. J. Button - McLaren 01:25.327 30
9. P. Maldonado - Lotus F1 Team 01:28.272 36

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