Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Soccer predictions and money management

Soccer predictions

Punters involved in football betting and buying soccer predictions will confirm that proper money management is imperative if you are looking for long-term and systematic financial gains. One essential thing is to select a winning strategy but you will be able to win only if you stick to it. The article provides some significant tips that will help you establish suitable management of your finances, so that you can successfully make money from football betting.
Select a bankroll
All beginner gamblers should start by selecting a bankroll. This is the amount of cash that you will have available to make bets. It’s essential to never invest more cash than you can afford losing. Experts suggest starting with 500 Euros but it depends on your personal finances. Another recommendation is invest the same amount of cash on each bet – around 5% of your total bankroll. Don’t recalculate the bankroll before making about twenty bets. This way you will have some experience and will know how things work.
Avoid accumulators, stick to singles
Many gamblers are tempted with high value and great profits, so they bet on accumulators instead of single football predictions. However, it is wiser to avoid them in the beginning and to stick to singles because they offer a better chance to win. Imagine you place a bet on accumulators and predict three out of four matches. In this case you won’t win. As you can see, accumulators involve a greater risk of losing. However, if you put stakes on single matches and have a clear prognosis for 3 out of every 4 games, you will still gain profits.
Choose a strategy and continue using it
You should select a strategy and continue using it every time you bet. Thus, you can put stakes on single games at odds varying from 1.75 to 2.25 because this strategy provides the greatest opportunity to win. Punters who realize some successful wagers are often lured to bet more cash but this is a serious mistake because you will probably lose lots of cash. Stick to the strategy you have chosen despite the current level of success. Every punter experiences periods of increased profits and losing bets but it is essential to continue using your strategy to guarantee yourself long-term earnings.

Register accounts at several bookmakers
There are plenty of bookmakers, so you should make use of this. Register an account at several bookies, so that you have access to various promotions, bonuses, livescore, live streams and rewards. In addition, the odds are often different at the various bookmakers, so multiple accounts allow you to select the best odds and improve your profits. Commonly, one bookmaker may have great odds for under/over betting while another one may offer attractive prices for Asian Handicap betting.  Compare the offers provided by the bookies in order to find the best one prior placing a bet.